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Publisher's Licensing Overview

Publishers wishing to license the rights to produce curriculum using our proprietary systems must contact Arlyce Melheim, Faith Inkubators CEO, to begin the evaluation and consultation process. If approved, the company will pay a licensing fee and receive the right to design and sell curriculum based on our proprietary systems, and distribute PDF versions of our annual FINK OS manual, complete with detailed teaching outlines, brain research, job descriptions, and minute-by-minute events planners to supplement the approved curriculum. Licensed and approved publishers also receive the right to print the official "FINK Approved" logo on their covers, assuring clients that they are plugged into the network of the most effective youth and family ministry systems thinkers in the world.

Licensing the Intellectual Property

Faith Inkubators is a Christian education systems design company specializing in youth and family faith-development systems, training and curriculum resources.

We do three things well.

1. System Design: We design and test systems of faith development that replace standard classroom models.

2. Training: We train leaders in the philosophy and effective implementation of our proprietary systems.

3. Curriculum Resources: We create and license teaching resources and curriculum to use along with our proprietary system models.

The product of all of these activities, we consider our intellectual property, and rely on all of these activities to make our livelihood and fund the development of additional systems.

Over the past 20 years, the Rev. Rich Melheim and his Faith Inkubators staff have researched, developed, tested and created what many of our raving fans consider to be the most effective faith development systems for youth and family ministry in the history of the church. We have conceived of the systems, hosted think tanks to create and critique our models and processes, taught our systems in 50-75 cities a year in day-long seminars and three-day university settings, designed curriculum resources that go along with our systems, and tested them in thousands of member churches and tens of thousands of small groups. Each year we take the feedback from our member churches and a special group of partner churches and reengineer our systems, training and resources to better fit the needs of a changing youth culture and a changing church.

To build these models of ministry, training experiences, and the curriculum that goes along with them, we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours writing, traveling, teaching, listening, and rewriting. And we aren't ever done or satisfied. We update every year based on our research and the feedback from our field-testing partners.

All of this has resulted in the creation of:

1. Brand: A unique national brand (Faith Inkubators) that is now available to other licensed publishers,

2. Network: A unique network of living laboratories and loyal partners who test, tweak, and suggest improvements in our systems, trainings and curriculum every year (when you license to create materials based on our system, you are automatically plugged in to our network of partner churches),

3. Approach: A unique method of operating unlike anything in the Christian education curriculum market (we don’t sell curriculum—churches join as members and obtain the right to use our intellectual property and resources each year),

4. Systems: A unique product—adolescent and family ministry faith education systems that actually work and that kids invite their friends to in droves.

We call our systems “The Faith Inkubators Operating Systems (OS)” and use the slogan “You don’t need a better workbook. You need a better way.”

Honesty and Integrity in Publishing

It would be easy for a church publisher to simply copy our teaching methods, co-opt our decade of research, work, and expense, undercut our prices and make a pile of money. After all, the expensive part—research and development (R & D)—is already done for them. We, however, don't expect we'll have a problem with Christian publishing houses. We believe in their integrity and have faith that the old "you shall not steal" commandment will protect us and allow us all to continue to create more effective Christian education systems and curriculae to bring Christ to families and families to Christ. That's our goal—a wider expansion of God's family.

That is why we are now happy to license what we have worked so hard to create and spent so much money to understand to our friends in Christian publishing. We are pleased to share what we know rather than keeping it all to ourselves. If that makes you a more effective publisher and helps you reach more families for Christ, we know we all will have succeeded.

We are on the same team. Consider us your outsourced R & D partner and we'll help you get started.

Please contact Arlyce Melheim at 1-888-55FAITH if you are ready to explore creating your own resources based on our systems.


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