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Faith Inkubators Free Resources

The following is a list of free Faith Inkubators resources available to both members and non-members. Feel free to use these resources for your church. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the free resources, please drop us an e-mail.

Faith Inkubators Home Journal users can find bonus supplemental content using the online FINKlinks located throughout the Home Journals. You can also enter FINKlinks directly on front page of www.faithink.com. (Look for the FINKlink box on the lower-left side of the page.)

College Devotions
College Devotions were designed to help you keep in contact with your youth who have moved on to college or on to the first step of their new career after high school. College Devotions are no longer updated on a weekly basis but you can cut-and-paste the weekly devotion archives into an e-mail message along with a quick personal note updating them how things are going back home. Make sure you don’t lose touch during those first years after high school.

Paintings by He Qi