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We had our first Theme Night of the year last night using the "Stewardship of Time" as our opener. None of the kids wanted to go home. - Pastor Angie Witmer - Plymouth UCC - Des Moines, IA

Head to the Heart + Head to the Heart Journals

Save time and turbo-charge learning both at church and at home.

Head to the Heart Journals: A Tool for Churches and Parents

H2H Journals are ten-lesson spiral bound books that learners take back and forth from church to home. They are the best tool for getting the most out of H2H both at church and every night in every student’s home. The journals have been specifically designed to help take your H2H ministry to the next level.

How? We’re so glad you asked! Let us list the ways:

H2H journals offer a full-color tool for Guides and youth.

Using the journals means you’ll never have to fight with the copy machine again (well, not for confirmation anyway). Journals replace the printable Youth Handout and the Home Huddle Handout.

Journals are used both at church for small group FAITH5 time and at home each night for FAITH5 Home Huddle.

Space is provided to help youth develop the essential skill of self-reflection through recording their highs, lows, and prayers. The journal then becomes a keepsake memory book.

Included in the journal is a recap of the theme covered at confirmation, allowing non- Guide parents to stay connected to what is being learned.

Head to the Heart journals provide parents with a convenient, non-threatening tool for FAITH5 Home Huddles, keeping the lines of communication open during this important period in the family’s life.

FAITH5 helps even the most apprehensive parents become leaders of regular faith talk at home. (Use the Parent Recruitment materials provided to get parents to say "yes" to FAITH5 Home Huddles.)

Each H2H journal chapter contains a FINKlink code for connecting to online fun and learning.

Head to the Heart journals provide key church budget-related benefits including:

• No more time and money spent printing and distributing Youth Handouts (which rarely make it home!). With the journals, it’s all done for you.
• Part or all of the journal cost can be moved from church budget to students’ families. In fact, to increase the family’s level of commitment to FAITH5 Home Huddle process, we highly recommend you consider doing just this.




If you have any questions about the Head to the Heart, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

Paintings by He Qi