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The Latest Faith Inkubators Resources

Head to the Heart - Adolescent Confirmation Ministry
Help your teenagers discover that learning about God can be fun! Head to the Heart (H2H) helps revolutionize confirmation from lecture/classroom to the very best relational/experiential model of confirmation. H2H is based on the latest in adolescent brain research helping kids retain the info and helping churches retain the kids!

H2H combines current life with Biblical truths. It features art, music, skits, and gameshows, while building lasting caring relationships at church. Blend learning, Christian service and fellowship with our time-tested methods.

Then, use the Home Journals and FAITH5 to pull parents into the process every night in every home. Itís not only possible but achievable with these time-tested tools!

Bible Song Cross+Gen - When You've Tried a Better Workbook and Are Ready for a Better Way...
Faith Inkubators is thrilled to provide you with tools to help you create a time and space where people of all generations come together in faith. The system of Bible Song Cross+Gen is the result of more than twenty years of Faith Inkubators' creating, testing, tweaking, listening and redesigning. Bible Song will help you build a fun and life-giving Cross+Generational ministry that will:

Bless the Child and Gift the Family,
Every Week at Church and Every Night in Every Home.

The Bible Song toolbox is overflowing with fun, faith-filled tools to be used at church each week. Use some or all of them. Design a consistent weekly order, or switch it up from week to week. Be sure to download free samples by clicking here.

Bible Song also equips participants to practive faith every night at home through a simple nightly practice we call the FAITH5.

Faith Stepping Stones - Intentional Family Ministry
Mark eight significant faith milestones in the lives of kids from baptism to graduation. Each Faith Stepping Stone gathers kids and parents for a time of learning and fun. Then families celebrate by bringing their child to the font to recommit to their baptismal promises and mark the occasion with a beautiful blessing service.

Faith Stepping Stones also equips parents with practical Christian parenting tools to grow their family on the foundation of faith. Parents are challenged to practice faith every night in every home and equipped with FAITH5 to bless the babies, pray with the toddlers, share Highs & Lows with their kindergartners, read scriptures nightly with their young readers and continue communication all through adolescence.

Itís not only possible but achievable with our time-tested tools!

Stewardship - Cross+Generational Ministry
Invites an intergenerational experience and provides an opportunity for all ages to grow as good stewards of their time, talents, and treasures.

This resource is a tool to introduce a holistic approach to Stewardship in the congregation. Includes four to six weeks of materials for learning, worship, and the home.

Advent - Cross+Generational Ministry
Provides a four week “Advent-ure” for all the ages to meet together and discover the signs pointing to the birth of Jesus.

It is lectionary – based and includes a home connection. Scripture is interpreted each week by all through the arts and music. The culmination includes a family celebration on Christmas Eve.

Lent - Cross+Generational Ministry
Begins the first week of Lent and is lectionary-based. Both young and old learn about Christ’s ultimate atoning sacrifice giving us the hope of everlasting life through music, skits, sharing faith stories, and much more.

Six weeks includes Sunday, Midweek meditation, Worship components, and a home connection through Holy Week.

FAITH5 - Holding Your Family Together
Launch the "Every Week at Church and Every Night in Every Home" revolution at your church in just 6 short weeks.

Check out this six-week course and accompanying book and course workbook. It will equip you with the tools and know-how to teach FAITH5 Home Huddles to your church. The six sessions are easy and fun to teach, with short video clips and engaging PowerPoint presentations and participant books. Also check out a sample chapter from the book that launched the six-week course.

Cross+Gen Conversations - Cross+Generational Faith Encounters

Connect, collect and collide the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child every week around the big themes of the Ten Commandments, Apostlesí Creed, Lordís Prayer, Sacraments or the history of Luther and the Reformation.

Engage in Cross+Gen care, creativity and fun every week at church with the PowerPoint Presentations, music and handouts provided. Then return to the themes every night with the FAITH5 Home Huddle resources designed to continue the conversation at home or online with friends. The beauty of Cross+Gen Conversationsô is in its simplicity and flexibility.

The power comes in the connections which all ages and stages make when intentionally gathered in the same sacred space every week with the FAITH5 process.


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