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Faith Inkubators + Scripture set to Music

Faith Inkubators Music

Why Teach Scripture With Music?

Faith Inkubators' Bible Verse songs help the Scripture stick

At Faith Inkubators, we believe in memory work. We also believe that memory work doesn't need to be work. That's why all of our ministry resources teach Bible verse memorization with verses—verbatim—set to music.

Why teach scripture with music? Because music feeds the brain what it craves. Patterns. If you have ever caught yourself unconsciously tapping a rhythm with a pencil on a desk or with your foot on the floor when you were nervous, anxious or bored, your brain was simply not getting enough patterns, so it created its own.

Music is all about patterns. Chords are full of patterns. Rhyming words contain patterns. The melody is a pattern that activates the right hemisphere of the brain. Rhythm and harmony are patterns that activate the left hemisphere of the brain. The beat of the music travels deep into the sub-brain (cerebellum) and actually starts to synchronize your heartbeat and breathing in a pattern.

All of these different areas of the brain chatter and link up with one another while the music plays, increasing nerve connections between multiple parts of the brain and codifying them into retrievable memory patterns.

Sticky, Even if You Don't Like the Style
This is not your grandmother’s church music. It is fun, funky, varied, and very challenging. The music is also completely Scriptural. Lyrics can be shown on a screen using our PowerPoint® presentations or highlighted directly in Bibles. We believe it is also singable and memorable—infectious enough that whether a person likes a particular song style or not, they can’t get it out of their heads.

We want your children to listen to and sing the verse each week at church, go to sleep each night with the tune on the tip of their minds, and wake up humming it each morning. If we succeed with this, the Holy Spirit will be singing to their hearts every night, all night. God’s Word will not return empty.

Varied Styles for All Learners
We realize no two people are going to like every style or song, so we mixed things up to keep it interesting. Forty musicians, writers, arrangers and vocalists have come together as the Faith Inkubators Music Guild to make our Bible verse songs a rich tapestry of sounds, flavors and musical genres.

From the rich gospel style of Robert Robinson to the urban rap of Agape, from the smooth jazz of Tony Axtell to the pure country flavor of Lauren Redpath, from the fun and funky styles of Paul Frantsen and Pete Erickson to the driving old school rock of Rick Barron and Todd Ernster, from the bluesy edge of Michelle Reid to the unique styles of Jon Anderson and Thomas Ian Nicholas—our prayer is that our Bible verse songs will sink their words and wonder into the memories and hearts of your kids now and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Sample the Music For Free
Instead of simply telling you about our Bible verse tunes, we'd like you to sample them for yourself. At the top of this page you can click on the FINKTunes player for a quick sample of our music.

You could also head to Amazon.com or iTunes® and listen to samples of each of our songs. Click here for quick links to these online albums. You can listen to samples for free or purchase entire songs/albums for use in your Christian Education program or in your home. (Associated Scripture songs are included with all licensed Faith Inkubators resources.)

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