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Custom Training / An Overview

All year round, churches and synods from around the country bring in a certified Faith Inkubators trainer to address a variety of topics, from Head to the Heart, to Guide Training, to Faith Stepping Stones. These events are set up by each church, and each church decides whether to invite other churches, what to charge, etc.


We offer full, day-and-a-half, and two-day events, with a combination of any of the following topics:

  • Head to the Heart
    Covering FINKthink, Teaching the Way the Brain Learns, and a description of the Theme, Service/Social, and Huddle event.
  • Guide/Volunteer Training
    Covering specific skills-building for your volunteers including icebreakers, praying with your kids, self-esteem, and proactive discipline.
  • Faith Stepping Stones Family Ministry
    Covering all aspects of the Stones philosophy, and description of each Stone.
  • Advent, Lent, and/or Stewardship Cross-Generational Ministry
    Covering Faith Inkubator's thinking, Teaching the Way the Brain Learns, and all aspects of the Cross-Generational philosophy, plus tips for planning and implementing in a variety of settings.
  • Bible Song Sunday School
    Covering the thinking and brain-based learning behind the development of Bible Song. An entire theme lesson experience will be presented plus tips for planning, implementing, and equipping a team.

What Does Faith Inkubators Provide?

  • Provide one dynamite trainer to lead an interactive training event at your church.
  • The host church pays for transportation. Faith Inkubators will make travel arrangements. Every effort will be made to secure airline tickets at the most economical rate. This may require nonrefundable tickets and a Saturday night stay. If the event is cancelled by the host church after the ticket is purchased, they will be charged for the airline ticket.
  • Provide a master copy of training materials for the host church to copy.

What Does the Host Church Provide?

  • Appoint a host person who will attend the entire training event and serve as liaison between the host church and Faith Inkubators.
  • Provide a 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure the date, with the balance is due no less than 7 days in advance of the event.
  • Make copies of training materials for each participant.

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